3 Simple Tips from Mom to Add to Your Overnight Guest Room for Under $15


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If you missed a new post last Tuesday, it was because we spent the week visiting my Mom and Dad in Florida! Reading by the pool, seeing the sunset over the ocean, so many good meals – all shared with my guy and my parents. And y’all, it was glorious!

Mike Kristin Beach

We always feel SO welcomed by my parents. They rock at hospitality and have passed on to Mike and I the desire to lovingly welcome people in our home. It’s nothing extravagant or complicated, so I thought it would be fun to share a few very simple hospitality tips I learned from my momma (and dad)!

Simple Additions to Your Overnight Guest Room for Under $15

Hospitality Bucket Snacks

1.  Reusable Basket with Snacks

My mom has little buckets in each of her guest rooms and fills them each time they have someone visit. She filled ours with bottled water, snacks, and little golf tees since we were going to be golfing while we visited! How sweet! I love this basket from Target (here) and these from Amazon (here).

Hospitality Wide TV

2.  Fresh Flowers

Gosh, flowers make everything a little brighter. I get my love of hydrangeas from my mom, for sure! One reason I love buying them over other flowers is because they are super easy to style. Grab your favorite vases or even a simple glass vase. Fill it with flowers from a local florist, grocery shop, or the $3.99 bundle from ALDI!

Hospitality Photo Frame

3.  A Photo of Your Guest

It’s always a surprise to walk into the room where we’re staying and seeing a photo of us! My mom found this beautiful picture frame and added our photo to make us feel at home! Seriously the sweetest! In my experience, the easiest way to print photos is to order them online from Walgreens and then pick them up in the store. For great quality, Mike likes to order prints for our home from White House Custom Colour. Where do you have the most luck printing your photos?

Hospitality Photo Frame

There were many, many more ways they generously welcomed us, including my dad making sure we had all our favorite drinks on hand! I hope these three tips have sparked your imagination for the next time you host overnight guests. We’re so thankful for my parents and the hospitality they have shown us!

Family Beach Photo

When You Have Unexpected Overnight Guests

Mike Family Visit

Sometimes we can prepare for guests…and other times we can’t! Haha. Last minute, Mike’s parents, aunt, and uncle came into town and stayed with us on Friday night. We were SO glad they did! My guest (aka dump-all-the-things) rooms were a mess, but we don’t ever want something like that to prevent us from welcoming family or friends into our home! It’s humbling for us and life-giving for them. We all giggled about sharing about it here on the blog and honestly, it’s the perfect addition to this post. It’s wonderful to scheme for ways to bless our company. And sometimes that just looks like a last minute “absolutely yes, come stay with us” and some unexpected time to share with company!

BONUS! The Coveted Coffee Maker

When I shared this video with you guys over on my InstaStories last week , you guys raved about it. So I had to share it again here: It’s my parents’ epic coffee maker! We love the lever that dispenses the coffee, which is stored inside the machine instead of in a pot. Check it out here!

Do you ever host overnight guests? How often? What prevents you from hosting people in your home?

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