Hi, I’m Kristin! Thanks for following along the story of our home and our family as we restore and bring life to our 1950s brick Tudor.

My husband Mike and I planted our roots in Southwest Ohio and closed on our first home four days before our wedding (not recommended, friends!). Since then, we’ve been creating a space for our family to thrive that’s timeless, functional, and affordable. I’m known as Kiki to my two adorable nephews and now to my family, co-workers, and a bunch of my friends’ kids.

Redeeming Hampton was born from a desire to share inspiration to love what’s right in front of us – our home, our life, and our friendships. Passionate about growing our love for another and in Christ, seeing the beauty in all the details and imperfections, and growing in showing hospitality.

If you’re new here, read more on why I created Redeeming Hampton here and the history of our home here.

My History

My love for creating beautiful spaces spans all the way back to my childhood. Instead of going out, I was the girl asking her mom to record Trading Spaces episodes from home and mail the VHS tapes to college for me. I’ve dreamed of a space to decorate since I was young, which led to the start to an Interior Design major that ended in a Fashion Merchandising degree. Now that design ideas are so accessible, it’s even easier to feel discontent with what’s right in front of us. So while I hope to share ideas with you, I will also be sharing the fight for joy and thankfulness in our homes.

What It’s All About

As a newlywed on a budget, here on the blog I’ll be sharing affordable ideas for your home spanning from do-it-yourself projects and decorating with hand-me-downs to utilizing the wall you just want to take down. While my primary focus will be talking about house and home, it will certainly be filled with life along the way, like life-giving hospitality, cultivating relationships, and celebrating the people around us. Sometimes that means working. Sometimes that means doing nothing.

Life Outside the Blog

When I’m not spending time with my husband or working on a project at home, you can find me taking walks around our neighborhood, working on a puzzle on my dining room table, golfing, watching Netflix, or hanging out with my girlfriends (which mostly means walking around Target, grabbing a glass of wine, or anything we can do in sweatpants). The things I’m most passionate about are where you can find me spending most my time: cultivating a healthy marriage, serving the church, investing in friendships, and gathering people – in my home or wherever it may be.

All Are Welcome Here

Whatever your budget, your life-stage, whether you’re building your dream home or you’re living with your parents, you’re welcome here and I hope you’ll join as we seek to choose joy in the slow process; not the sprint!

Follow Along

I’d be so honored if you’d join me on this ride finding beauty in the ordinary everyday life, creating a rhythm of working on and enjoying our home, fighting for the joy, and loving what and who is right in front of us.

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Welcome to Redeeming Hampton, friend!


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Huge thank you to Jessie with Roseberry & Co. for creating the lovely watercolor frame for our logo (another beautiful collaboration between Jessie and my husband, who also designed our wedding invitations!)

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