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The week surrounding February 14th was always pretty tough for me – being single and feeling like it magnified my season of life. So a few years ago, by command of Leslie Knope I started gathering my lady-friends for brunch – we call it Galentine’s Day! I honestly love this created holiday, because when do we NOT need a reason to celebrate our girlfriends? The idea of Galentine’s doesn’t mean we bash Valentine’s Day, but instead it’s just a different expression of love and appreciation.

This small gathering of close friends means so much to me, as it was these women who have had such influence in shaping me into who I am, with God’s help. SO, because I love this little celebration so much, I have not one, but TWO things to share with you today!

1. A Guide to Hosting a Galentine’s Brunch

Wide Detail

Text your friends, invite them to your home, gather a few brunchy items, open your home, hang out with your buds. No need to squeegee your windows or scrub your floors. I believe a beautiful thing is that every Galentine’s Day celebration can look different. Go out to eat, sit around in your sweatpants (my preference) ;), or have a treat yo’ self spa day (okay, maybe that’s my preference)! To each their own and there’s no “right” way to celebrate your girls!

Who can host?


ANYONE and I mean ANYONE can host. Don’t let the lies fill your head that your home isn’t clean enough, big enough, pretty enough, and on and on. Welcoming people in with hospitality has 100% less to do with your space and all to do with your heart! Read more about the heart of hospitality in this post.

How should I contact people?


In years past, I’ve always sent out an Evite because it’s simple, free, and let’s be honest – it’s adorable. This year, I just texted a few friends and called it a day. If you love formal invitations, you could also print them off, which would be so cute! The key is that people know about it. 😉

What should we eat?


Galentine’s Day is traditionally on February 13th, but I always do a brunch on a Saturday morning surrounding that day. So this year, it’s the 16th. I make a big breakfast casserole, all the fixings for mimosas (champagne, OJ, fruit) and coffee aplenty. You could also open it up to see if anyone wants to bring a dish to share!

Supplies to Think About


  • Food: Pick up donuts, make a casserole (or make it happen), or a stack of pancakes!
  • Drinks: All you really need is coffee and water, but mimosas are a fun touch!
  • Utensils: Plastic or silverware
  • Plates: Paper or ceramic
  • Napkins: Paper or cloth
  • Seating: A comfy couch, pillows on the floor, or a dining table & chairs
  • Music: My go-to? Whitney Houston or Backstreet Boys Radio on Pandora or Google Play Music – ’cause I want it thaaat way!
  • Attire? As I’ve said, sweatpants are me & my friends’ jam, but you could also dress up!
  • Decorations: I love simple construction paper hearts in different sizes taped around my house! Flowers & balloons are also a nice touch! Aldi has flowers for $3.99 and the dollar store has epic heart balloons for $1 each – can you believe it? Target always has great decorations (hello, Dollar Spot!), as well as HomeGoods/TJ Maxx.


A Word to the Host


Friend, be present as much as you can. Don’t worry about throwing a perfect party – and of all parties, not this one! It’s your girlfriends who love you, and you love them. No judgement (and guests, leave your judgement at the door)! I find the more that I talk about my home being “not enough,” the more that actually makes other people start thinking about their home the same way. Instead, think of the blessing it is to even have a place or people to gather – what a gift!


2. A FREE Galentine’s Day Card PDF printable

Paint Supplies

I was scheming for ways I could celebrate my friends and I thought a hand-written card was just the thing. So instead of buying cards, I painted my own! I’m not an expert painter and it’s definitely not perfect, but I hope this free printable card is a blessing to you as you bless your friends!


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Thankful for YOU and I hope you know how much I appreciate each one of you. I’m so glad you’re here, friend! Thank you for the love, support, and for being part of this tribe.

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