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Friday Favorites: Purifying Air, Zapping Bugs, Reading Books

Friday Favorites

I’ve been thinking for quite some time that I’d love to share more of our life and loves that’s more casual than our typical Tuesday blog posts. Whether that’s asking for your opinion, chatting about something we’re reading, wearing, or loving – or just a funny story to share. So here we are today, introducing the first compilation of Friday Favorites:

  • I’m loving this quote from Joanna Gaines in the Magnolia Journal about her learning the process of design (no. 11, page 49). My friend Kate texted this portion to me before I even had a chance to read it and it’s an idea that I hope circulates around the Redeeming Hampton community:

“It suddenly became fun, freeing even, when the goal wasn’t perfection
but rather creating a place that represented everyone under our roof.”

Mike Air Purifier

  • You know you’re into adulthood when you’re excited about an air purifier! Since allergies are a beast in Ohio, we decided to finally pull the trigger and buy one for our bedroom. We’d been looking for months – really since we started our basement project because… #1970sbasement – and ended up going with the Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA. My sister has had this exact model for a few years and is very pleased with the results!

Back Yard at Dusk 2019

  • To add to that list of “you know you’re an adult when…” is this PIC Insect Killing Light Bulb I snagged for our patio light fixture. I wasn’t sure if it was working…and then I unscrewed the bulb to get a better look. Let’s just say there were at least 78 evidences that it was! 😉
  • If I think of anything long enough, I start to get a little germaphobic. The newest addition to that list is my phone and thinking about how dirty, dirty, and germy it must be! I asked Mike to find me something that I could use to clean my phone on a more regular basis. He found iKlear Single Wipes for Electronics, which are pretty much like hand sanitizer but safe for your phone! I like that it’s convenient and I can just throw the packaging and wipe away once I finish cleaning my phone.

Cozy Minimalist Home

    • So for almost a year I’ve been really wanting to do a book club with you guys – or whoever would like to join! And I think I finally found a book that would be a great place to start: Cozy Minimalist Home by Myquillyn Smith. You can buy it here or check it out at the library.
    • Interested in joining the book club? Or have another book idea? Comment on this post or email me at!
    • Loose thought: We’ll probably start July 1st. We could either cover a chapter at a time or read the entire book and discuss. What do you vote for?

Have a great weekend! It’s been abnormally spring-like weather here – GORGEOUS and strange. Hoping for a sunny day on Father’s Day (which, by the way, if you need any last minute 2-day shipping gift ideas – I’ve got you covered here and here 😉 ).

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