Garage Entryway Project: Doors and Trim

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We’ve established the problem and made a plan, created a design board, painted the walls, and now we’ve painted the doors and trim!

Last week on Instagram and Facebook, I polled the RH squad to help pick a color for our doors.

Here were the options we gave. Some of the colors I already had samples of, so I just included them in the mix.

Door Swatches

These swatches were my favorite colors for the entryway project. Peppercorn is what we’ll be painting the garage floor.

Holding Colors

Some of you recommended I keep the teal door (which is also my front door) but I’ve been ready for a change! Plus, I used SnapDry when I painted the door and I didn’t love the texture.

It was a tough choice! The input from all of you definitely helped – and it confirmed the color we were already leaning toward!

The Winner is…

Rainy Days by Magnolia had us at the first paint stroke! It really reminds me of a color we used throughout our wedding day, so there was an immediate a fondness – especially since we’ll be celebrating our one year anniversary in a little over a month.

Garage Door Painted

Floor Paint

This time I used Sherwin Williams Resilience, an exterior paint. It seems pretty durable (dare I say resilient), but time will tell! Since the door is flat and shows many of the blemishes, I painted three coats: trimming it in with an edge brush, using a small art painting brush to cut into the areas that needed more precision, and finally a small roller brush to do the rest.

The nice thing about the SnapDry paint is that it is designed to dry quickly so you can shut your doors. With Resilience, I thought I gave it plenty of time to dry, but alas! I did not. Luckily, I only needed to touch up a small area.

The Hallway Doors

Another decision we were trying to make was if we should paint the doors in the hallway the same as the door in the garage. I was between just painting one interior door with Rainy Days or painting them all white – since they needed a new coat anyways!


Blue Door Hallway

I love the color! However, I’m still debating if I should have all three interior doors white. Do you like the one blue door or do you think I should paint it white? It will be a decision I make once I get my decorations up!

Crisp White Trim

We replaced the base trim in the hallway and kitchen when we were renovating the house three years ago. I’ve been meaning to paint it since, but you know how that goes! The doors really needed a fresh coat of paint as well and it’s truly amazing the difference it’s made. Instead of tinting the gallon, we kept it just as it came – semi-gloss bright white. Visitors in our home may not notice, but we certainly do. And now, instead of other people’s grime, we can start a fresh coat of our own! 🙂

Hallway Painted


My Wishlist

While I’ve been in full-on project mode, I’ve been looking out for the finishing touches to our garage entryway. These are some of the items I’ve purchased, I’ve got my eye on, or that I just love! If you’d like to see my rough vision for the final look, check out my design board.

Eucalyptus Wreath

Hearth and Hand Forged Nail Hook

Iron Wall Hook

Hearth and Hand Wire Bin

Wood Ledge Shelf

Black Round Mirror

Diamond Pattern Rug

Buffalo Check Rug

Black and White Stripe Rug

Black Diamond Throw Pillow

As always, thank you so much for following along! This has been a fun and also tough project. We like to say that we’re going for better than before; not perfection. And gosh, I need to remind myself of that all the time!

Next up: painting a portion of our garage floor, spray painting a few fixtures (hooks, shelf brackets), and the design. If you’d like the follow along, you can subscribe to receive the latest blog post to your email. 🙂

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