Hand-Me-Downs in Your Home: Part 3

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Hello there! How have you liked the first two posts in our Hand-Me-Down series? Just in case you missed them, Part 1 described that hand-me-downs can be items that were actually handed down to you, or maybe even items that you’ve had for 20 years that don’t fit your current style.  In Part 2, we talked about how to make your space feel cohesive by changing the the space around the furniture you already have.

Dining Room Wide

Today, in Part 3, we’ll be talking about transforming pieces of furniture to match your style: by paint or other means.

In addition to what I’ve shared in the previous posts, the options I provide below are alternatives to purchasing new furniture. My hope is that if you can’t buy everything new all at once, this will be an encouragement to use what you have to fit your style. There are ways we can cost effectively create a cohesive, welcoming space without breaking the bank!

Paint It

Honestly, I’m really thankful painted furniture is “in” right now and that products to paint our furniture ourselves are so accessible! With so many options, it’s simple and inexpensive to transform pieces.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Since the only product I’ve used thus far is chalk paint, it’s the only one I can really speak to. I purchased a quart of Annie Sloan chalk paint and wax to use on a console table and I’ve ended up using it for a few! I couldn’t believe how far just a quart of paint went. Here are a few pieces that I painted:

I found this table at a discount store here for less than $25. I love how it turned out!

Console Table (Before)

Console Table (During)

Console Table

The next two are a little more outside the box:

I took a big chance on this brass table. I felt bad painting such a quality piece, but it was either that or see it on its way to a donation center. The chalk paint took surprisingly well to the brass and it’s holding up great two and a half years later!

Brass Console (Before)

Console Table and Lamp

This lamp was in my parents’ house for years! When I was just starting out in my house, I didn’t have many lamps so this was a great blessing. But the style did not fit mine. Chalk paint! I love the transformation of this one because it’s such a big difference. We changed out the lamp shade and boom – stunner!

Before Chalk Paint Lamp

Chair and Lamp

Last but certainly not least is a table that’s been in my family since I was a little girl. We used it as a television table in the 1990s and in the basement as a game cabinet. It was honorably retired to the rest of the hand-me-downs saved for my sister and I.

I painted the outside, but not the inside. The cabinet is currently being used in our breakfast nook to store extra kitchen items and serving pieces. It sits below three shelves and really shines and becomes the most functional drink area when we have parties!

Chalk Paint TV Table (Before)

Chalk Paint TV Table (During)

TV Table

TV Table (After)

So after you apply 1-3 coats of paint, you finish it with a coat of wax. In my experience, figuring out the painting part is pretty simple, but the wax part is much harder. I don’t think I applied enough wax because stains seem to stick to the top of our cabinet; however, it wouldn’t be hard to repaint and re-wax the top of any of these pieces. Next time I’ll know better!

Overall, I love chalk paint – you don’t have to do much to your piece before painting, it dries quickly, and it’s easy to work with. I’m definitely not an expert, especially with the wax, but I’ll definitely be using it again! Have you used chalk paint to transform any of your furniture? I’d love to see it! Tag it on social media with #RedeemingHamptonTT (Transformation Tuesday).

I have a few pieces I’m planning on painting soon. Would you be interested in a more in-depth description of painting furniture?

Other Ways to Transform Your Pieces

I shared in my last post how the previous owners left this dining set in the house. The cushions were in pretty bad shape, but I’m sure mine will be too after a few years of having kids! 🙂 I planned on removing the staples from the back of the cushion and replacing the fabric. I tell you what – there were so many that I gave up!

Dining Table (Before)

Plan B: I purchased wood to replace the cushion board (my friend cut them for me) and foam for the cushions; both trimmed to fit the chair base. After I glued the foam on the cushion board, I wrapped it with fabric and stapled it in place. My handiwork was definitely not perfect, but we don’t mind! Within the first month of replacing the cushions, an entire glass of red wine was spilled on one of the cushions at my housewarming party. 🙂 Furniture was meant to be used.

Dining Chair (Before)

Dining Chair (After)

In addition to the examples above, there are so many other ways to transform furniture. Changing out or painting existing handles, using a slipcover on an old couch, spray painting outdoor furniture, and the list goes on!

That’s a Wrap!

This wraps up this series on Hand-Me-Downs in Your Home – my first series! I hope it’s inspired you to love the room or home you live in with items you already have. If you try out any of the ideas I’ve shared or used your own ideas, I’d love for you to share them with us! Just use #RHBhandmedown #RedeemingHamptonTT in your post on social media.

Thank you for following along!

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