Ashlor Sectional Front Angle /w Cabinets

Our 1970s Basement Update: New Sectional Couch + DIY Cabinet Handle Refresh

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Hi friends! I’m writing you from our basement sitting on our new sectional! We began couch hunting in early February, knowing it was the first addition we wanted to make for our newly updated space.

Mike and I had a lot of fun checking out different stores and sat on a lotttt of amazing couches. The key for our couch hunting? Making sure the couch would fit down our very, very narrow 1950s doorway.

Mike Macy's Couch

We thought we were settled on a couch from Macy’s, but on a whim we visited our local Ashley Furniture just to make sure we didn’t miss anything. Well, it’s a good thing we did because that’s the day we found our couch. Look at that beauty! They even let me borrow this pillow to see the fabric in my home – I wasn’t excited at all! 🙂

Ashlor Sectional at Ashley Furniture

Kristin Couch Pillow

Ashlor Nuvella by Ashley Furniture

Ashlor Sectional Room Wide

Introducing the Ashlor Nuvella Sectional! So, why did we pick it?

  1. Nuvella fabric is stain-resistant, fade-resistant, and often used on outdoor furniture so it’s very durable. Alright!
  2. I mean, just look at that gray, woven fabric. All the heart eyes.
  3. It’s customizable, so we could it piece together to fit our space!
  4. We could hire them to deliver it to us! Haha.

Ashlor Sectional Portrait

Gosh, we love the way it looks in this space! Recognize that rug? We brought it down from our bedroom because we love it so much and the 8’x10′ fit perfect! And we’ll probably buy it again for our bedroom again because it’s just that good.

Ashlor Sectional Front Angle

Ashlor Sectional Front Angle /w Cabinets

All of the cushions are movable and the back cushions are reversible. It sits pretty firm which Mike likes, but I am just getting used to it since our couch in our family room is soooo slouchy and comfy.

Ashlor Sectional TV Room

Ashlor Sectional Pillow

Putting it together was a breeze except the wood feet, since I had to drill those into place and there weren’t any pre-drilled holes like the other feet. But the bottoms are super grippy, so the couch stays put! The sections don’t clip together – they just slide up next to each other.

Ashlor Sectional TV Room

Ashlor Sectional Kristin

Overall we LOVE it, guys! We find ourselves scheming for reasons to hangout down here – even to do laundry! So thankful.

The Ridiculous Delivery Story

We hired Ashley Furniture to deliver our couches because…well, Mike and I don’t move furniture well together! Haha. And we knew the couches would be a tight fit to get downstairs so we thought, “surely the professionals can get it down there!”

Well, they showed up. And immediately they said, “This isn’t gonna fit.” GAH! But guys, they didn’t even take it out of the packaging, which had alllll the pillows and was wrapped up with cardboard and plastic. I suggested they take it off and they said they weren’t supposed to do that…what?!

Couch Not Fitting Downstairs

So they left everything and said we could try to get it down ourselves. If we weren’t able to get it down to the basement, Ashley Furniture would pick it up with no charge and we could pick out something else. That’s when they told me it was their SECOND DAY ON THE JOB. I can’t even…

Ashlor Sectional Pieces

They were very sweet and kind, but I guess I was imagining professional movers. So, as soon as they left, I did what they said couldn’t be done. I got it through the doorway…by myself. 🙂

Ashlor Sectional Pillows

When Mike got home, we moved it down, but certainly not without (a lot of) struggle! There were 4 pieces. The two loveseats went down well with the right positioning. The single seat was easy peasy. The corner piece…nope! We seriously thought we were going to have to find another couch. But after we almost got it stuck, removed our DOOR CASING (oh my goodness guys) and frayed the fabric pushing it through (don’t worry it was only on the bottoms), the corner piece was down. Phew. And now this couch will be here for the rest of our days. 🙂

DIY Cabinet Handle Update

A few weeks ago, I shared with you how I painted our basement cabinets. We liked the shape of the handles that were already on the cabinet doors, but wanted them black. So instead of buying 26 new handles, I spray painted them!

DIY Painted Handles Before

It was a super simple project and would be an easy update for any handles or knobs. We used Rustoleum spray paint in flat black. I laid them all out on cardboard boxes and went to town! The key is to do very light coats to prevent the paint from dripping.

DIY Painted Handles After

After letting them dry for 24 hours, up they went! Aaaaaand, yep we love them! A simple, low-budget update for a big impact.

Basement Cabinets Black Handles

Basement Cabinets Black Handles

Basement Cabinets Cove

It’s coming together, friends! Thanks for being so excited with us and for all your support!


9 thoughts on “Our 1970s Basement Update: New Sectional Couch + DIY Cabinet Handle Refresh”

  1. What a transformation Kristin & Mike! Great Job- can’t wait to see the final product!!? Those walls are just screaming for design! I feel like some under cabinet lighting could add a cool ambiance for moving watching & entertaining!

  2. Hello,

    Great job on the basement!! We just purchased the same sectional and our basement door is 29″ wide. I’m concerned the sectional won’t fit into the basement. What was the width of your basement door? Was it really hard with the corner piece?

    1. Thanks, Joe!! I’ll check when I get home. We ended up having to remove the door jams WHILE the couch was halfway through! The corner piece was the most challenging for sure. I hope it will fit for you, because we do love the couch!

      1. We’re getting the couch delivered next week. I’m really hoping I can get it down the stairs. The opening is 29″ but much larger as we move past the door. My wife if pregnant so I’ll need to ask a neighbor for help. Thanks, keep me posted on your door width size.

        1. Our doorway with the door-jam is 29″ and we had to remove the door-jam for the corner piece. Without the door-jam, the opening is 30″ wide. The doorway to our basement is in a very narrow hallway too, which made it even more complicated! I hope it goes well!

  3. Hi Kristin! I am in the process of sectional shopping and a friend of mine at Ashley suggested this fabric for me and I came across it online on your blog! Yours looks great! Has it held up pretty well? Also, in your opinion would you put a square cream colored tufted ottoman or a dark grey… or maybe just the ottoman in the same fabric?

    1. Hi Ashley!! My sincerest apologies for the delay! Our son was born a few days after you commented here, we blinked, and it’s 6 months later! 🙂 It’s held up great, but it hasn’t been put up to the test yet – I’m sure it will get plenty of jumps, spills, and fort-making in the future. I will say since it’s a durable fabric, it’s not the softest couch, but we love the promise of durability. I think a square ottoman would look great and would lean toward cream! Hopefully this is helpful, even months later!

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