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What’s the top question I get asked? It almost always has to do with the color of my walls! And if you’ve been around here for a little while, you know that painting is my favorite way to change a space. It’s both affordable and a skill that most people can do themselves!

So here it is: our house paint color scheme! I’ve also included some colors I love that aren’t in our house.

But first, a few tips:

  • Buy paint on sale, tint it later. 90% of our home has been painted using cans purchased from Sherwin-Williams. We wait for a 30-40% off sale and buy the gallons as-is, untinted. When we’re ready to paint a room and have decided on a color, we bring it back into the store to get it tinted! They can color-match pretty much any color from any other brand.
  • Paint a sample swatch on the wall before painting an entire room. I buy my gallons at SW, but I purchase paint samples from Lowe’s. At $3.99, they are smaller containers and $4 less than SW. When you paint a sample, be mindful of your brushstrokes; make them as minimal as possible to lessen the amount of sanding you need to do afterward. Home Depot actually sells 8.5″x11″ movable sample sheets that you can paint your color on and move it around the room. Brilliant!
  • If you love the tone of a color, but wish it were lighter: Ask for it lightened by a percentage – like 25% or 50%.

Basement Mood Board

1. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

I was hunting for a warm gray to complement our large leather couch and we found the perfect combination in Revere Pewter, a light gray with warm undertones (a mixture of gray and beige aka greige). RP runs throughout our family room all the way up our stairwell and into our upstairs hallway.

Family Room BM Revere Pewter

(More info about our family room here.)

2. Sherwin-Williams Crushed Ice

Talk about the power of paint! We originally painted our dining room Comfort Gray (which leans more blue-green), but recently painted it Crushed Ice, a soft neutral gray. Our room looks so much brighter!

Dining Room SW Crushed Ice

(More info about our dining room here.)

3. Sherwin-Williams Accessible Beige

If Revere Pewter leans to gray in the greige combination, Accessible Beige leans more to the beige side, with a warm taupe undertone. It’s a wonderful accent to our wood kitchen cabinets!

Kitchen SW Accessible Beige

(More info about our kitchen here.)

4. Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray

Repose Gray is just a really nice gray, you guys! It doesn’t seem to have any strong undertones, but leans toward the warmer side. Our two biggest bedrooms – one of those being our master – as well as our guest full bathroom are painted Repose Gray and we love it!

Bedroom SW Repose Gray

5. Sherwin-Williams Eider White

Eider White is a really nice off-white that looks slightly gray. As I mentioned here, all white paint colors have some sort of undertone; Eider White’s is magenta, but it’s very subtle. We first picked this for the smallest room in our house – our half-bathroom – to go with Dorian Gray, which we painted our tiles (see photo under Dorian Gray). And just last week, we picked it for the largest space in our house – our basement!

Basement SW Eider White

(More info about our basement here.)

6. Sherwin-Williams Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray is the darkest gray I’ve listed so far and on the same color bar as Eider White and Repose Gray. As I mentioned below, so far we’ve only used Dorian Gray in our home to paint the tile in our half-bathroom and love the combination! We love it so much that we’re strongly considering painting our basement cabinets the same color!

Half Bathroom Eider White Dorian Gray

(More info about our half-bath here.)

7. Sherwin-Williams Alabaster

This is a very popular white with a yellow undertone! We picked it for our garage entryway project and it’s brightened up our space in both our garage and hallway so much!

(More info about the Garage Entryway Project here.)

Garage Entryway SW Alabaster

Hallway SW Alabaster

8. Magnolia Rainy Days

We love this beautiful cool blue with a gray tint and it reminds us so much of our wedding color! We originally picked Rainy Days for our garage entryway space and then loved it so much that we painted our front door too!

Front Door Rainy Days

Other Paint Colors We Love (that aren’t in our house):

  • Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray
  • Sherwin-Williams Peppercorn
  • Sherwin-Williams Anew Gray
  • Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray
  • Benjamin Moore White Dove
  • Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace
  • Benjamin Moore Iron Ore
  • Benjamin Moore Simply White
  • Benjamin Moore Classic Gray
  • Benjamin Moore Gray Owl
  • Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

*The paint colors in my photos are slightly off from the actual color due to the lighting and editing.

What have been your favorite colors that you’ve painted your walls? Let us know in the comments below!

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12 thoughts on “Our House Color Scheme”

  1. Love your paint choices, could you share what white color you used for your trim with the Crushed Ice, your floor color looks similar to mine and the 2 look really good together. Thanks, Melissa

    1. Hi Melissa! Thank you so much! We love Crushed Ice and went with Sherwin Williams Bright White trim (which is just how the paint comes in the can, no tinting). We used Sherwin Williams Pure White on the trim in our basement and love that too! I hope that’s helpful!

  2. Hi! Your home is beautiful! Question….if I paint our living room Repose Gray and the next room Crushed Ice do you think the colors will flow? I love them both but I am worried Repose is a tad on the dark side.

    1. Hi Kellina! My apologies for the delay in responding! I love both those colors. Our family room is Revere Pewter and dining room is Crushed Ice and I think it flows nice. Honestly, I wish they were the same color so it felt more like “one space” instead of two separate ones, but they definitely still work together! I would recommend painting a sample of Crushed Ice and Repose Gray next to each other and see the tones in your home. I hope that’s helpful!

  3. Accessible Beige, baby!!! It was already in our kitchen when we moved into the house last summer with SW Burlap in the living room. The master bedroom, off the living room, was SW Dovetail and the master bath was Netsuke. The bedroom felt so dark and the bathroom felt so yellow. To unify things and after months of studying colors, I decided to paint the master bedroom and master bath Accessible Beige (same as the kitchen) and added a pretty tufted navy blue headboard and floral watercolor paintings. Wow! It is now a beautiful, cheery, and elegant room to wake up in each morning, and for now, the colors flow well with the existing Burlap in the living room.

    1. Hi Denise!! My sincerest apologies for the delay! Our son was born a few days after you commented here, we blinked, and it’s 6 months later! I love Accessible Beige! I think you hit the nail on the head – painting the same color throughout the home does unify it! Our first floor has many different colors and I’m going to be working on painting them all the same color to do just that! Great thoughts!!

  4. Hi,
    I love the painted tile in that bathroom (Dorian Gray)! May I ask how you painted the tile? What product did you use?
    Thank you for your beautiful work!

    1. Hey Diane! Thanks for writing and apologies for the delay. I used a bonding primer then satin paint. Overall it’s held up well, but will scratch if something hits it with force (which only happened when we replaced the vanity and were trying to remove). I’ve touched it up a few times! We don’t have a shower/tub here, so no humidity. Since, I’ve used Benjamin Moore advance on our basement cabinets and think I’d prefer that in the future. The key is the primer in my opinion!! Good luck!

  5. Hello Kristin,

    Great blog. We are also ping with crushed ice for the wall and snowbound for crown mounding, trim, and window door casings.

    What do you think if we also painted our ceiling cruised ice? Would it unifying the room and make it seem bigger? Or would it make it darker and smaller?

    Thanks so much

    1. Hey Luke! So sorry for the delay! Did you decide? Around my area, everyone Dow white ceiling it seems. But I’ve seen in different states they use an accent on the ceiling – like a shade or two lighter than the walls!

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