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Garage Entryway Project: Design Board

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One step at a time; we’re getting closer, friends! I mentioned in my last post that we’re starting a new project to make a highly traveled (and used) area of our home more functional – and we obviously need to add a bit of style too! What’d you think of the before photos?

Just to recap, we’re planning on creating an entryway in our garage in addition to the hallway just inside the door. I’ve been gathering inspiration and I’m excited to share it with you. But first, here’s what the space is looking like right now. So far, we’ve removed everything from the space to for a fresh start. It’s already looking better!

Garage Overview

Garage Entrance

Hallway Hooks

Hallway Entryway

Three Areas We’re Hoping to Tackle

  1. Painting: In addition to painting the hallway, we’ll also be painting part of the garage and the floor just in that area. Since we need to paint the trim in the hallway, I’ll be repainting the door frame and I’m still deciding on the door! To create a cohesive feel, we’ll be painting the hallway and the garage wall the same colors.
  2. Organizing the Space: Functionally speaking, in the garage space, we’d like to add a bench to sit down and remove shoes, a shelf for hats or accessories and hooks to hang jackets. We definitely need an area for our shoes, which would be great either under the bench or in a basket. The hallway will continue to be home to our command center – calendar, bulletin board and hooks for our keys.
  3. The Finishing Touches:  As for the style, I’m looking for clean white walls, black accents, and maybe a little pop of color. I want to treat my garage entry door the same way as my front door, so it will be adorned with a wreath and maybe even a knocker. In the garage, the rug will be both functional and add a pattern to the space. Unfortunately, the way our doors meet our tile, we can’t really do a rug in the hallway. We’ll finish with a clock and maybe a throw pillow and we can’t wait to see how this little space of ours turns out!

Garage Entryway Design Board

When I get the chance to design an entire space, I like to think of the big picture before I begin purchasing – even if a few of the details change! So here’s what I’m thinking so far.

Garage Entryway Design Board

  1. Wall Tree: Bench & Hooks (Almost half the price & same dimensions as the one I have: here)
  2. Pineapple Door Knocker
  3. Black and White Stripe Rug
  4. Wreath
  5. Basket
  6. Always Come Home (or Welcome)
  7. Pillow

If you want to get a clearer view of what’s going on in my head, I give you the following masterpiece! Haha. I created it to share with everyone over on Instagram last week and thought you’d enjoy it too. 🙂 I just sketched it up by drawing over the original photo with my finger.



Speaking of Instagram, I’ve been sharing my entire process through posts and InstaStories. You can visit my page even if you don’t have an account. If you go to my profile and select the “Garage Entry” circle, you’ll be able to see all the stories about this project thus far!

Next up, I’ll be choosing colors, preparing the space, cleaning and finally getting to paint! To continue following along in the process (and in the fun!), subscribe to my newsletter to have the latest posts delivered to your inbox.

That’s it! I’m excited and feel good about the direction, reminding myself this is a process and my DIY projects never turn out “perfectly” – and that’s okay! We’re looking for better than before; not perfect. Thanks for following along!

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