Weekend Roundup: Memorial Day, Gathering, Reading, & Jazzercise

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Memorial Day

On a weekend so many of us see as shopping sales and parties, we know this is a day that so many of you are missing your loved ones. Remembering the men and women who sacrificed for us and the families that are missing them. Thank you.

Joshua Bible Study


On Saturday, we had our third to last Bible study for the spring! I shared this on my InstaStories a few weeks ago, but wanted to share with you again because it’s just so good. I’ve been studying the book of Joshua alongside some other ladies the past 5 months and it’s such a gift because it’s hard to do alone! I’m thankful for this workbook created by Jen Wilkin. The content is free; you just have to print it.

I’ve learned so much about God’s faithfulness, struggled through learning how to read my Bible (instead of just not doing it), and studied an Old Testament book I probably would have never picked on my own.

If you’re looking for a study, check out her stuff. We studied James last year and there are quite a few free options (FREE!). Good to do alone, but awesome to do alongside a few friends!

Summer Book Recommendations


One of my favorite things about summer is curling up on a lawn chair at the pool with a book in hand! Our local pool opened this weekend, so we went up around 6:00 Sunday evening to do just that. We were surprised to have the pool entirely to ourselves! On Monday, we had the very opposite experience at my parents’ neighborhood pool, but we loved playing with our nephews.

Two books on my list to read this summer are the rest of the Chronicles of Narnia series and Humble Roots.

I’m looking for some summer book recommendations and I’d love to hear from you! What books are on your list to read this summer? What are some of your past favorites? Are you a Kindle reader or paperback?

Here are a few of my favorite books I’ve read the past few years:

I’m sure you could find most of these at your local library!

Welcome to the family, sweet little fiddle leaf!

Fiddle Leaf

I found this little guy at Kroger last week for $16.99 and now am looking for a home for it (a pot and literally where to put it in my house). We went to Target on Monday and found this pot, but may keep looking. What are your favorite house plants?


Jazz Hands for Jazzercise

Guys, I won a 3 month membership to Jazzercise! I never win anything, so this came as such a surprise. I had actually been looking for a class to regularly start going to – looking at a few gyms in town and out of town. There are some seasons of life where I’m super self-motivated and can rock out workouts in my house. And then there are seasons were I need some accountability and encouragement (really, for someone to just tell me what to do). The season I’m in is the latter. So you could imagine how fun it was to win! Seriously, such a gift.

I wasn’t sure what to expect my first time, so here are my takeaways. Have you ever tried Jazzercise? Are you an at home or at the gym kind of fitness person (or none of the above)?


Time with Family and Friends

We were thankful to spend some time with family and friends this weekend! On Friday, the band Mike plays bass in had a show and we got to spend a few hours with the other “groupies” (aka the wives) and some other friends that came out. Sunday, we grabbed lunch with some friends after church.

But, Sunday evening was a sweet surprise. After we left to the pool, we walked up to our local burger stand for some ice cream. And who did we run into there? Our friends who just happen to be our next door neighbors! We chatted, took this fun photo, and then walked back home together. We are so thankful to live around so many kind neighbors who have now become friends!


We ended the weekend with my family at the pool and then a little cookout! Hope you had a great weekend!


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